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  5. "Hvor er mine armbåndsure?"

"Hvor er mine armbåndsure?"

Translation:Where are my watches?

May 12, 2016



Does anyone know why the å is pronounced 'band', as opposed to 'bond', when the latter seems like it should be correct?


It's pronounced that way because the stress in armbåndsure is on the first syllable, leaving -bånds- unstressed, and unstressed vowels in Danish tend to be reduced.

If you're not familiar with vowel reduction, it's when the pronunciation of a vowel is changed to [ə] in order to enable faster and more relaxed speech, since [ə] is the easiest vowel sound to produce. There's a sound file for [ə] as well as some notes about vowel reduction here:



Wow... Tak for det!


Armbåndsur in german is almost the same: Armbanduhr (= arm-belt-watch)


Urene can be the clocks or the watches, armbåndsure is watches or actually wristwatch. Should one even use Ure for watch? Maybe pocket watch which is lommeure.

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