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In appreciation of Duolingo Irish

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Dia daoibh, a chairde!

Somebody may wonder, what may be achieved with Duolingo Irish.

22 000 points means on average 30 000 short questions answered in ca. 8 months time, about two hours per day. Only going forward, when the previous items were reasonably well understood.

With that I covered about 2/3 of the course. I stopped because of incompetent internet provider(s) (another story).

Started evening and weekend classes twice a week 1,5 hours, at basic level, grading up to intermediate level (this is the local mid-Ulster habit with three level teaching), as well as sitting in on the odd high level lesson, when original teacher was absent. In addition once per month 3,5 hours in weekend with native Ulster Irish speakers.

Pronounciation and understanding of spoken language is a continuing struggle. Ability to produce independent own speech is still limited :-)

Vocabulary is excellent compared to anybody having done it for a couple of years in classes. Understanding of grammar & rules is superb compared to evening classes any level: "leisure" classes don't do grammar. Ortography is excellent because of the request from Duo to put fadas in place.

Was the Duolingo time well spent?

You bet it was ! GRMA!

2 years ago