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"Meine Freundin kommt aus Indien."

Translation:My girlfriend is from India.

May 12, 2016



Why can't "Freund" be used in this sentence?


It would be Mein Freund, for the masculine.


Because 'Freund' in German means a male friend or a boyfriend. A female friend or a girlfriend is called 'Freundin' in German.


How were we to know that if was a girlfriend and not a boyfriend?


Can "Freund" refer to a girl or that "Freund" must be masculine and "Freundin" feminine?


Freudin means girlfriend or female friend. freund means boyfriend or male friend


how am i supposed to know what gender to pick?


Since the sentence uses "Meine" (which is for feminine), you should use the feminine "Freundin". If it used "Mein" (which is for masculine/neuter), you use the masculine Freund.


How can i know in this sentense that it is about female friend and not just a friend. There is no way i shoud know that from.the contexts


In German 'Freund' is male friend and 'Freundin' is female friend. The '-in' suffix is used for female professions as well e.g. 'Professorin'.

If you mean that you can't tell the difference between Freundin meaning girlfriend or friend, you're right you can't tell just from the one sentence. You need more information because the word can mean both. A way to get round this is to say 'eine Freundin von mir' which means 'a friend of mine' if you're not talking about your girlfriend.

And if you just want to translate the English word 'friend' into German, you have to know from the context whether they're male or female, because 'Freund' doesn't work for both male and female - it means a male friend.

Hope that answered your question.


Got it correct aside from spelling "Indien" as "Indian." Feel that should be listed as a typo, not a miss but whatever.


Not mine, cus I ain't a boy


so, there's no difference between friend and girlfriend?


It is the same word for both. To avoid confusion "meine Freundin" means "girlfriend" and "eine Freundin" means "female friend".


Everything is correct and in the right order but it is wrong i do not understand

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