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"Scríobhann an scríbhneoir na leabhair."

Translation:The writer writes the books.

May 12, 2016



Why id the "o" from "scriobhann" not used in "scribhneoir"?


'scríobhann an scríbhneoir na leabhair' is the answer I gave and it's wrong but I can't see any difference to the correct answer. Can someone please point out my mistake as it didn't highlight any errors


This is an Irish to English exercise, so unless you got this as a "Type what you hear" exercise, the answer should be in English.

Unless you post an actual screenshot of your screen, it's impossible to suggest any specific reason for the response that you received.


I put down the writer writes books how was that wrong


leabhair - "books"
na leabhair - "the books"

You left out na/"the" in your answer.


sorry, but this new voice... she didn't say 'na leabhair' but it sounded like 'mye yawward' -- if I hadn't done this sentence before, I would be totally lost!


No, she said na leabhair. Probably just not in a way you were familiar with. But it's definitely a native way of pronouncing it.


I know that she supposedly said it... it just didn't Sound like that at all and for someone who's only just starting the language, I sometimes miss the turtle button ^^


Sadly, Irish will never have a turtle button, since the speaker is a live person and they weren't able to use TTS.

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