"Chcesz mięsa?"

Translation:Do you want some meat?

May 12, 2016

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I write "do you want meat" - the preferred answer is "do you want some meat". Would not "trochę" be required for "some"?


The word "trochę" is... implied. You have to think about it to be
able to use the correct case, Genitive, not the Nominative, mięso.

Chcesz (trochę) mięsa? - Do you want some (a little bit of) meat?


Nie wiem jak wymawia "chcesz". :(


[xt͡s̪ɛʂ] if you're good with languages enough to read IPA ;) Well, the Polish 'h' is different to English, but then you just have ts-e-sh.


Thank you so much for your help!


i think the pronunciation is closer to [xt͡s̪ɛʃ̠], because the sz doesn't sound fully retroflex to me, but rather between retroflex and postalveolar. (maybe [xt͡s̪ɛʂ̟] would work as well)


Is mięsa a plural accusative or is chcieć constructed with genitive? If the first one is the case, what is the plural of mięso to mean?


Yes, both the Nominative and Accusative are "mięsa" in plural.

Well, it's a bit more complicated. Firstly, "chcieć" is mostly followed by Accusative, but Genitive is also possible.

Accusative is used for the most basic meanings: "I want X". But Genitive is used in two situations: - for abstract notions (We want freedom = "Chcemy wolności", not "Chcemy wolność") - and as Partitive. Partitive is used mostly with food and drinks, I think. It is used when the intended meaning is "some X". So "Chcesz mięsa?" is like saying "Do you want some meat?" and "Chcesz mięso?" is like saying "Do you want the meat?"


Okay, really helpful. But how would you translate the plural of meat into English for example? You cannot say "meats", can you?


Sounds strange to me, but I don't know if it's totally wrong... but I guess "types of meat" would be preferred.

"mięso" after all is also a collective noun, so "mięsa" will only be used in the "types of meat" context.

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