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Please do better the version for tablet and mobiles

I cant find the lesson that i get with lingots, and I cant use the Umlauts for German.

January 22, 2014



Hi natiz, If you hold down for a second or two the letter to which you want to apply an umlaut (e.g., u), several more options will pop up, including accents and umlauts. If you hold down the "s," you'll also get the option to use the β. This works on Galaxy's as well as the Kindle.

PROTIP: If you hold down the space bar on the Kindle, you can switch the input language, which will help with the special characters and spell-check.

Good luck!


Just to confirm, this is also the case on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad).


Hey, on most mobile platforms it's super easy to add German keyboard. I think it's a good idea to use it to learn the layout of german keyboards (that y/z switch, umlauts).


The bonus lessons (the lessons bought with lingots) do not show up on the mobile version of Duolingo. It's not a glitch, Duo just doesn't have that feature yet.

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