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"Сделайте это задание к следующей среде."

Translation:Do this task by next Wednesday.

May 12, 2016



It could be just where I'm from or some aspect of the sentence I missed but, as a native speaker, I would just as easily, if not more frequently, say "Do this exercise for next Wednesday" and mean the exact same thing as "...by next Wednesday". I didn't report it because I suspect I'm at fault here (Duolingo didn't accept my version) but if someone could help clarify, it would be much appreciated!


Indeed, in England "do x for next wednesday" in terms of assignment is completely standard English and should be allowed.


I would also like to know if "until" can be used instead of "by"?


That has a different meaning - if you say "do this exercise until next Wednesday", it would mean that the person would keep doing the exercise [perhaps without stopping!] until Wednesday came. "Do the exercise by Wednesday" just means that the person will have to complete it at some stage between now and Wednesday.


Could you use до instead of к in this sentence?

[deactivated user]

    Well, yes, but it's closer to the English 'to'.

    К 'by' is used to set the final timeline, while до 'to' can be combined with с 'from' to get an interval of time.


    "До следующей среды" could mean that Wednesday is too late to do it because it had to be done before Wednesday.

    [deactivated user]

      When I first answered this, I wrote "Finish this exercise until the next wednesday" and it gave "Finish this exercise by the next wednesday", underlining "by". I copy-pasted the exact same sentence given as the correct form, but Duo gave this also as a wrong again, giving me "Do this task by next Wednesday". It's contradicting its own correct sentence.


      I suggest to add "Do that assignment by next Wednesday" 26.06.2020

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