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  5. "How to find him?"

"How to find him?"

Translation:Làm sao để tìm anh ấy?

May 12, 2016



Not to pile on but the English should always be correct, as well. I'm told by native Vietnamese speakers that "Làm sao để tìm anh ấy?" means closer to "How do I find him?" or even more naturally in English, "How can I find him?" but that one complicates things even more.


Thats not even a proper english sentence lol


It's something a television detective might mutter to himself while pacing a room, staring at the floor and tapping his chin in contemplation...

I'm pretty sure it works as a rhetorical question, but you might be correct. It certainly wouldn't be a common phrase.


What is this sentence trying to convey?
"Where is he usually?" or "He has disappeared. What clues should we be looking for?" or something else?
Is this actually a real sentence that would be used in Vietnamese, if so, in what context? I'm sure this is a technically accurate question from a grammatical stand point, but is this nonsense or does it have common, real-world application?


in my opinion this would be used when you are looking for someone and you ask somebody who knows where the person is. You are Remysss. I told you "Speak to Bob". You reply : "How to find him ?" This is so straight forward from my point of view that I am really confused now that this sentence can confuse people


I think must native speakers would say 'How do I find him?'
'How to find him?' You might say when thinking aloud, which I take it is not the force of the Vietnamese sentence.


Would "bạn tìm anh ấy như thế nào" be correct too?


I answered, "Tìm anh ấy như thế nào?" and it was accepted, but I'm guessing it's not a natural sentence..


Yes, It's so strange because normal we usually grammar " S+V " in most common basic. Even the wh/how/yes-no question we also use " S+V + Wh/How/yes-no ?" or " Wh/How/yes-no + S+V" . Some time we use "V+S" when we wanna emphasis the sentence. If you say " Anh ấy tìm như thế nào?" or " Anh ấy tìm thế nào?. It's more natural. One more things, we rarely use "ạnh ấy"/"cô ấy" in real life. Unlike English!

  • If I know him/her (maybe he is your dad, your brother, your boyfriend,etc), I will call " your dad","your brother","your bf" when I talk with you ( sometime we skip them and use body language but not much ). Here's an example:

-An: Hello Binh, this is my father's table.

-Binh: Oh. I see. Is this his pencil? (Trans : Đây là bút của anh ấy à) ===== Real life : Is this your father's pencil? - Đây là bút của bố cậu à?

-An: Yes.

  • If I don't know him ( Maybe he is your friend not my friend). I'll ask you about him and when I know him, we are back with first rule.


But nhu thê nào ( no vietnamese accents on my cell phone, sorry) cannot be used. I stll dont get the different usage of nhu the nao and làm sao. One expresses more tke likeliness/ posdibility and the other?

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