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    So, I just found out that I am going to be temporarily living in Montréal (Canada), which isn't a big deal location-wise, but French-wise!!! I go there quite a bit so I know the area really well, but I also know that they mostly speak French. I mean, most of the signs are translated into English, but I'll be there for a month and it would be nice to...

    1) Practice a language that I'm learning in an area that speaks that language

    2) Understand what people are saying.

    It would also be helpful to hear from anyone that's used what they learned from duo and how effective it was when talking to someone. Also, does anyone have any suggestions for what level of French I should get to? I still plan to be on duo at least twice a week to practice French and Norwegian. BTW, I'm only on Level 2 ;). Thanks! - SportsOcean

    May 13, 2016


    this is actually very good for talking to people in another language, but I would practice a small amount every day to keep expanding your vocabulary

    I went to Montreal last year. Go to the Olympic Stadium!! Very nice there! When I went there I could understand the signs, but they spoke fast, so I suggest you practice your french more :)

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      Ok! Thanks for the suggestion! I live fairly close (not too far) and we've driven past the Olympic Stadium on our way going somewhere. Last time I went there, we saw a Canadiens game (we are a big hockey family!) and thank goodness they translated everything they said! I was able to pick up a little bit... (not that much!)

      I went to Montreal like, years back (like 2) and they know a bit of English, but they kinda want you to at least attempt speaking so what i suggest is dedicating a chunk of your time to duolingo french and turning on microphone so you can practice and maybe writing stuff in english and trying to write it also in french and pronounce. Montreal is AMAZING and BTW DO NOT CALL ''THE MOUNTAIN'' a hill of they...... go crazy...... a bit... .... -.- heh hehe heh hehehhe HAHAHA. Also, try speaking french to yourself a bit to know it.... You will LOVE IT.

      PS. Do not underestimate ''The Mountain'' which is a very small :whispers: hill.

      I've just started learning french as well and boy isn't it fun! The thing I've noticed is that no matter how much vocabulary you learn in French, it doesn't matter without the correct pronunciation. Therefore, don't focus 'too' much on vocabulary, but more on the pronunciation aspect of this language.

      just keep practising my family like my grandfather and grandmother live in FRANCE i have family in Canada i understand them great because i PRACTISED so you do TO

      I have always wanted to go to Canada so I am learning French I under stand.

      Cool! But to me duolingo does not really help with real life conversations but duolingo bots and my French class help

      Try duolingo bots a new feature to chat with fake people but using real life like conversations

      Do you have a french class ? If you want we can chat in French?

      I was born in Canada, but am currently learning french because my family and I moved when I was 3. Anyways, I think that it's good that you're setting goals for yourself. Personally, I'm not very far into french, but that's the thing. If you're not very good at french, or any language in fact, it's gonna' take time! Everyone has their own pace of learning, which makes us all so differently special. Just remember, the best way to learn is to learn with hard work and confidant, or it's not called learning at all! Have fun, and I hope you accomplish the 2 main things that you wanted to learn how to do before you leave!

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