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Language learners from around the world!

Hello my name is Evelyn, my user is new but you may know me as Evelynofawesome or Evofpower300. i thought it would be fun for people around the world to get to know each other better!

RULES: No bad words, no fighting, and BE NICE

HOW IT WORKS: Comment any questions about other country's or any questions for anyone in a different country. if you are not sure who's from which country then, you may comment that question as well! have fun!

May 13, 2016



Hi! I'm Maddie and I live in America but I travel A LOT. I'm half-German and half-Japanese, and I speak fluent Japanese and German. My English is okay. :P I also speak a wee bit of French, Cantonese, and Korean. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! :D


COOL! does japan have yummy desserts? lol just a random question!


Hi my name is Emily and I'm from the USA. I am fluent in English and learning French. I prefer talking to kids from age range 8-14 (Please don't share your age though)


Is there different food in Paris than in America?


All I know is that there are macaroons (they sound/look yuuuuummmmyyyyyy) ^^


theres obviously macaroons and probably some delicious fromage lol


Hey!! I'm Eddy, I live in America, and Japan. It depends on the year. Right now, I am living in America. I am fluent in English, learning Spanish and German. I would like to talk to people that are 10-18 years old. (Again, I don't need your age) Feel free to ask me anything! Thanks! Oh, and if you want to see something cool, tell me. :)


Do you speak Japanese, too, since you go there every other year?

What states have you been to in America, and which are your favorites?

I wanna see something cool ;D


I speak Japanese, Kinda, I have been to Hawaii, Wisconsin, California, Indiana, and Michigan. http://nyanit.com/www.duolingo.com/Byrdabelle There ya go!


Which is your favorite? I'm guessing Hawaii ;)

EDIT: Haha I love nyaning stuff xD


me to hawaii is beautiful. (haven't been there or out of country but i have been in many other states)


oh gosh that is so funny and cool! meaw meaw


Wisconsin. No Jk Hawaii. I'll make you one. I would ask you to pay, but...


Nah, I can do it myself but thanks! :)


Japan or USA? (I mean which is better in your opinion)


Woah..cool nyan cats


me to :) and don't worry im right there in the age range


Mucho gusto en conocerte, Byrdabelle. Soy profesor de Español en China. Saludos.


Hi my name is Paola and Im from Croatia,I speak Croatian but I Know how to speak and write English cause Im learning English for 8 years now cause we have it in school. Im learning french and I would like to learn turkish and portugese too .So here you dont have the translate from any language to Croatian and you cant learn Croatian so its very hard for me to learn other languges cause English language and Croatian and french are three completly diffrent languages in grammar and in general. I wont say my age but Im a teenager, Im in the range so if you would like to talk with me Im here just send me a message.BYE


Hi! I'm from Brazil! I like to study English! People here loves music, fun, friends and nice things!

I like to meet new people and talk about other cultures! Bye


Hi my name is Evelyn and i prefer talking to people ages 7-16


from the usa also lol


Hola everyone: Sunshine from Chicago! I teach but that does not fulfill my desire to communicate in tons of languages so that's why I use duolingo. Can you guess the country represented by my flag?!! I will give away a lingot if you can. Summer in the Windy city promises to be very warm . Right now in the mid 70 s it is quite bearable. Okay I got to get ready for Summer semester. Arriverdeci everyone. ( Specialties from Chicago: All the Mexican foods/restaurants; Chinatown; Connie's pizza (deep dish); we also have a middle eastern neighborhood they sell saris and great halal food. I think Chicago is one of the best places to be despite what the media says.)

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