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  5. "She writes and I read."

"She writes and I read."

Translation:Ella escribe y yo leo.

January 25, 2013



Is "Ella escribe y leo" correct or do I need to include "yo" because the subject changed in the second part of the sentence?


Yeah, you have to include the "yo".


But why is "yo" necessary? In a LOT of previous questions, "yo" has been optional. Is it the subject change, as veliboic mentioned?


Typically, when talking about multiple people, you have to introduce the pronouns to make it clear who's doing what.


Sorry, I'm still confused by this. From my understanding Leo indicates I am speaking for "Yo leo". By indicating Ella lee and then saying "leo", it sounds pretty clear who's doing what. Thus no need to say "yo". Can anyone explain in more depth why in this case, it would be incorrect?


Yes, it indicates that, but it doesn't sound right. Sounds like ^you want to say "Ella escribe y lee" but you're misspelling.^ So just need to have in mind that when you are talking about yourself, you can ignore or drop the "yo", but not when you are connecting two sentences. Examples: Leo bastante. Escribo sin parar. No puedo evitarlo. √Čl escribe sin parar y yo solo miro. Ella da ideas y yo redacto. Ese gato come y yo no. PS. I'm a spanish speaker, so I hope it helps.


The only reason you should ever put "ella" in the sentence in the first place is because you're putting emphasis on the comparison between herself and someone else (yourself). You're stressing that SHE does this, and I do that. If you include the emphasis in the beginning (by using "ella"), you should include the emphasis in the rest of the sentence (by using " yo"), or it just sounds oddly structured.


In the tips it states that if the word following y begins with i or h, then e must be used instead of y. So please explain why "ella escribe e yo leo" is incorrect.


yo is not considered to start with an "i" sound.


So its the sound rather than whats actually written? Like 'an hour'?


i put you instead of yo on accident (facepalm)


Why are we conjugating the second verb ? Shouldn't it be yo ver

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