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  5. "We need a book."

"We need a book."

Translation:Potrzebujemy książki.

May 13, 2016



My learned Polish wife says that for a single book in this context, the ending should be książkę. Any thoughts? Thanks.

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But it is not correct (maybe in everyday language): 'potrzebować' needs noun in genitive (kogo? czego?), so it will be 'potrzebujęmy książki' in singular and 'potrzebujemy książek' in plural.


See here for the same question.


Thank you all for the help, My wife agrees in this instance....mostly ;-)


It has to be książkę - it is right form of declination in polish for this word, książki is a plural form


No, really, the Polish people creating this course did not make such basic mistakes. The right form here is "książki", it's Genitive singular. Yes, it's also plural (Nominative and Accusative). Almost all feminine nouns have those three forms identical. As the verb "szukać" takes Genitive, this sentence is about one book.

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