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  5. "Was sahen wir am Dienstag?"

"Was sahen wir am Dienstag?"

Translation:What did we watch on Tuesday?

January 22, 2014



why is "what did we see on tuesday?" wrong please?


I don't understand either, it seems correct .. also the prompts seem to suggest see is an acceptable translation


The English translation is perfectly correct. As for the German sentence, "was sahen wir" is correct in literature but when I lived in Hamburg, everyone used "was haben wir gesehen" almost exclusively instead. The Past Simple (Imperfekt) tense isn't used very often in spoken German, maybe occasionally or in particular regions, but generally, the Present Perfect (Perfekt) tense is used.


In general yes, but there are some words that make an common exception. Sehen isn't the most common of them, but you also hear "sah" in spoken language. More common are for example denken (dachte) or gehen (ging). People use them occasionally because it is just so much shorter to say "Ich dachte, er ging schon nach Hause" vs. "Ich hab' gedacht, er ist schon nach Hause gegangen".


Aah yeah, I remember hearing "ich dachte..", I think I've even used it myself. I also remember hearing quite a bit of Platterdeutsch where there seems to be a preference for the imperfekt.


It explains in "Tips & Notes" how that form of past tense is much more common in real life speech.


Hi I answered ,,What did we see on Tuesday? Duo accepted


I wonder, in the present form watch would be translated as ansehen, right? If my above statement is correct, is there a reason why the "an" is not used in the past form?

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Y is find not accepted


the man pronounced sahen quite like sangen

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