"Trowch i'r dde nawr."

Translation:Turn right now.

May 13, 2016

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Shouldn't this be "Turn to the right, now" to be consistent

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In English, at least in the UK, 'turn right now' is probably a more natural way of giving instructions, although 'turn to the right, now' is correct too. In Welsh this is the only way to say it.


Why does de  take a soft mutation despite the definite article?

For instance, 'to the park' is i'r parc  (not i'r barc ). So why not i'r de ?


de takes a soft mutation because of the definite article -- in the meaning "right", de is feminine, and feminine nouns take soft mutation after the definite article.

i'r de would be "to the south" (de is masculine in that sense) but i'r dde takes mutation just as i'r dafarn "to the pub" would for those speakers who treat tafarn as feminine.


I see! Thanks a lot for the clarification. I had wrongly thought that the mutation depended on the use of i.
By the way, I was also wondering whetherde  (south) is distinguishable from de  (right), besides the context of speech, and your answer covered this issue, as well.


could this also mean 'turn right now' as opposed to 'turn a bit later'?


No. de here means 'right' as in 'opposite of left'.


i'r dde is "to the right; in the direction of the right-hand side".

So it means "turn right, and do so now" and not "turn, and do so right now".


thank you, that's what I thought. Just wanted to make sure. Would 'turn right now' (not direction, just immediately) be 'Trowch nawr'?

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