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Turkish to English Immersion

There should be an immersion of Turkish to English, I think. Thus, we can be able to improve also our Turkish. What do you think about it?

May 13, 2016



It will be wonderful of course, but there are some problems in it, but there is one which is English for Turkish speakers, it is good and it will help too :) Check this out https://www.duolingo.com/comment/13018570


So your native language is not Turkish but one of the Turkic languages?


I am Turkish, so my native language is Turkish.


As your native language is Turkish I don't understand how immersion could improve your Turkish. Maybe you meant "Turkish learners" instead of "we" and "their" instead of "our"? Or did you mean you want to be immersed in English?


I'm a native English speaker and I definitely feel like learning additional languages has improved my English. For one, I started paying attention to nuances of preposition use, and I started noticing that I can sometimes be sloppy with my prepositions in English. I started catching myself making mistakes in English, more often, after learning other languages and it makes me wonder if I had been making these mistakes all the years, without conscious awareness of them.

I also started becoming more consciously aware of word choice. Like often in another language I'll encounter two words that translate to the same word in English, and then I'll have to think: which one do I want to use? And I start delving deep about the connotation. And often when I figure out the differences, I realize that in English, we also have words that have similar differences...there can be differences in connotation, levels of formality, regional differences.

I think overall, studying multiple languages, especially when doing translations, has helped me to become a better writer and to some degree a more eloquent speaker in English as well.

So what the OP says seems pretty plausible and relevant to me!

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