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  5. "Bạn biết bao nhiêu ngôn ngữ?"

"Bạn biết bao nhiêu ngôn ngữ?"

Translation:How many languages do you know?

May 13, 2016



How many languages do you know thanks to Duo?


Sadly, none, so far.


is it just me or does this guy speak too fast and slur some of it. Sounds like 'môn ngữ' to me. Also, I hear biết-n bao. seems in other sentences I hear Một-n


I have commented before that the speaker speaks too fast for a beginner. This is a very clear example. Way too fast.


Contrast these exercises with Google's translate, where the speaker says every syllable of every word slowly and consistently each and every time.

But I feel audio at this point in my training is pointless and just gets in the way of learning vocabulary and grammar, which is what we should be focusing on. Audio comprehension is important but should only be introduced and taught after we have largely mastered grammar and have a lot of vocabulary under our belts, and it should start with distinguishing between tones.

As it stands now, I feel it's just wasting my time making, like trying to learn step 4 of something before you've completed steps 1-3. The speed of this speaker only makes it all worse.


Other Duolingo courses have a slowed down listening option. I am a bit deaf and find this useful when I have listened to the normal speed recording several times, but cannot understand part or all of what was said. I think it would be particularly helpful for the Vietnamese course. P.S. Pretty good English and basic French and Welsh; my Vietnamese is fairly dreadful and I live in Hoi An where there are quite a few pronunciation and vocab. differences from the Northern version that we are being taught


Why not "tiếng"?

[deactivated user]

    "Bạn biết bao nhiêu thứ tiếng?" is also correct.


    So is there a difference between "ngôn ngữ" and " thứ tiếng"?


    Does this mean (as it sounds) "how many languages can you speak" or could it also mean "How many languages do you know of?"


    I think it implies the first as in English? Where are the natives when you need them...?


    How many languages do you know, with 'know how to speak' being implied just as in English, I'd think


    At some point I lost track.


    bạn biến* haha that's how he says it ^_^


    I wonder if you can translate this, depending on the context, as: do you know how many languages? For example when you ask about the number of languages a certain person speaks.

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