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  5. "Mężczyzna zmienił temat."

"Mężczyzna zmienił temat."

Translation:The man changed the subject.

May 13, 2016



RU: Mużcina smienil tiemu.


When do we use zmienić and when do we use zmienić się?


Well, "zmienić się" is reflexive, so when something changes (itself) into something else. If someone changes something, that's just "zmienić".

On a different note, this verb doesn't have anything to do with changing one's clothes, which is "przebierać się" (imperfective) and "przebrać się" (perfective).

Correction: if you say "zmienić ubrania" implicitly, that's okay. But if you don't use the word for clothes, you can just say "przebrać się".

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