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Problem using micrcphone

I can't get my microphone to work with this programme, although it works fine when I use skype. I have a PC (MS Vista) and use Firefox.

June 10, 2012



Try using Chrome. It's a better browser to start with, but, that aside, I think it might work.


I have the same problem - Firefox, Vista, microphone not working here! Sorry, but I'm not going to install a new browser for Duolingo. Any other suggestions?


ok my mic actually worked great

but now, the button that you have to push, never becomes red and i cannot push it. I tried restarting the pc and changing the settings a few times, but it won't come up again...


Yes, for the past several days I have not been able to get the microphone button to show, and the audio has also stopped. I can't even finish a lesson because I lose points for skipping answers. What's up? UPDATE: Seems to be a Firefox problem, as Internet Explorer works better (graphics are a bit wonky, though). Also okay in Opera, but the spellchecker does not recognize German.

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