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"No, porque queda una tercera etapa."

Translation:No, because a third phase remains.

January 25, 2013



hesolomon, I answered "no, because it remains a third phase" and was correct. I have no idea what this means in English but it seems, if my answer was correct I would think "stage" should also have been accepted?


what is wrong with "no, because there's a third stage"?


quedar = to remain; your translation doesn't convey remaining.


"No, because each third is for Papa." I murdered this one. When did we learn "etapa"? And I love it that quedarse isn't being used reflexively, too. I have not seen that before. Tough sentence. I probably should have lost two hearts instead of just "una tercera" (a third of my three). Didn't help that the recording was on the accelerated speed.


Whenever the recording's too fast for my ears, I click "Play slower."


'Quedar' is not always reflexive. Perhaps later on we'll learn more about how that works to clarify.


Why I can't translate "etapa" by "step"?

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