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"A good teacher"

Translation:Athro da

May 14, 2016



Does the d double to dd+a for an adjective after a female noun? (Weirdly, I translated athrawes da and it was meant to be dda, but now the answer above was changed to athro da after I opened this box to ask the question.)


In Welsh we have a number of rules called mutations. One of these is called a soft mutation which affects nine letters (T,C,P,D,G,B,Rh,M,Ll). One instance where this occurs is adjectives after a feminine noun. So, since "Athro" is a masculine noun the "A good teacher(male)" is "Athro Da" but since "Athrawes" is a feminine noun "A good teacher(female)" is "Athrawes dda". I'll put a link to a mutations grid below.


Diolch, Ellis. I know mutations are a-coming but I was not sure if a lesson module on them lies ahead. I appreciate the grid, as this is essential for all of us as learners.

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