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  5. "Jeg taler og du spiser."

"Jeg taler og du spiser."

Translation:I am talking and you are eating.

May 14, 2016



taler vs snakker?


For the most part, "taler" works just like "talk" and "snakker" like "speak."

"Jeg snakker med min mor." = "I speak with my mother." "Jeg taler med min mor." = "I talk with my mother." "Jeg snakker dansk." = "I speak Danish."

"Jeg taler dansk" = "I talk Danish" (neither is correct)

The big difference is that in English, "speak" is more formal than "talk" but in Danish "taler" is more formal than "snakker."

Although this is where things get a bit complicated. There's a usage shift going on in Danish right now away from "snakker" and toward "taler." "Snakker" is beginning to seem slightly stuffy and is being associated with older people while younger people are using "taler" more than before.

This is a pretty fine point of comparison, though, so it's probably not worth losing sleep over. Just use "snakker" for most things and you'll usually be correct.


I snack while you snack. Had to say that


I wonder if this sentence could also be. I talk and {while} you eat.


While is mens


No I'm nor you're accepted, apparently

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