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  5. "Jesteście na ulicy?"

"Jesteście na ulicy?"

Translation:Are you on the street?

May 14, 2016



Can this mean outside ? As in russian ?


no, outside = "na dworze"


or "na polu" ;)


Yeah, but it's regionalism actually. Only in Lesser Poland.


What about 'in the street'. I might say i live on the street, but people and things tend to be in the street when we mean location.


Forgive me but I have no idea what "are you on the street" means in English. Is it a euphemism for homeless people or for ladies (and gentlemen) of the night. Or perhaps a foreman asking, by phone, if a work crew have arrived to dig up a road. In 70 years I don't think I have ever hear this phrase.


Polish "Jesteście na ulicy?" could certainly be used when a family or friends went shopping and got separated, so one party is in a store and is calling the other party, wanting to confirm their current location: "I can't find you. Are you on the street?"

The same can happen if somebody is supposed to pick a group of people up and is approaching the landmark (say, a theatre), but cannot see them there.


Are you homeless?


"Do you live on the street?"

Not the same.


"are you on a street" is not accepted


Makes some sense, added.


It really is not clear what you mean by this. The most likely meaning is 'are you homeless?' or, as previously mentioned, it could well be asking if the person is a sex-worker but it seems unlikely that either of these is your intention?


I guess it's kinda just "outside" but when this 'outside' is actually in the street (do not confuse it with Russian, where на улице would suit any context, I believe).


I suppose it's difficult to phrase in English without other unintended connotations. I must just accept the simple translation!


Saying someone is on the street is a way of saying they are working in on the street as a prostitute in English. Don't mark it incorrect to say "in the street" which does not have the same connotations.


"in the street" is accepted.

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