I have a request if it is possible, I really need to learn Uzbek, My grandmother doesn't speak my language, and I would like to get the chance to talk to her before it is too late! I know that there is no Uzbek language here, but is it possible that it gets added? or do anyone know a way that I can learn Uzbek in it?

thanks a lot in advance

Yours sincerely Rawi Jalal

January 26, 2013


I'm a native Uzbek speaker. I, together with my friends, have sent several requests to Duolingo concerning English for Uzbek speakers. Either that or Uzbek for English speakers would be great. I'm willing to help if Duolingo adds either one.

EDIT: I created a discussion here Come and support Uzbek!

Yes, I also did apply to become a Contributor to Uzbek course (as I am a native Uzbek speaker). Here is my discussion about several Uzbek words: (I guess you've checked it out)

Here is the new one:

I just wanted to say that you have been an amazing promoter for the Uzbek course. Last time I looked here (1 or 2 days ago), this post had around 90 upvotes. Now it has 104! (Still a long way to go though to reach Icelandic which is leading at over 1000 upvotes)

Yes, just because I am writing these in my comments over and over again:

Best wishes, Saydobid Xusanov 🌟 {Please, upvote for Uzbek course}

You can read the same in my bio :D I'm trying to do anything possible to support Uzbek - my native language :) I'm trying to earn at least 10 upvotes a day. Thanks to all who are upvoting :) I appreciate your kindness!

You are truly amazing, Saydobid! You have created your own signature, your own personal brand.

Best wishes that your dream of an Uzbek course comes true soon, and that you will be one of the contributors.

Thank you so much La Profe! (I just learned that it means "Teacher" in French)

I hope that the Uzbek course is added to an incubator and we'll be able to contribute it really soon (I hope that Duolingo team makes an exception to me in case of my age because I have reliable linguistic skills in both languages)

Good luck and have an awesome day!
You're the best as usual :)

Oʻzbek tili ham qoʻshiladim?

Great idea! I think This discussion would attract more attention if it was called Uzbek. Congrats, it has just been added to the guide. Please like rawi's post guys. :)

I am also a native Uzbek Speaker and I would surely contribute to this course. I hope that we'll have enough upvotes to get it added to the incubator. Good luck and thank you!

Here is the post I created about Uzbek:

Hi, thank you, we need more people to be active in the Forum. And the link you provided is the same post you've commented. Please, correct it.

Oh thanks, I just corrected it. I am happy to see that my compatriot is a Global Ambassador. Also, you have a great streak :) Good luck! I hope that we'll earn enough upvotes really soon.

Thank you, I hope so. Your streak is impressive too

Upvoted, thanks to what I have learned from Saydobid_Xusanov.

Thanks Amina_J_ and 2LearningSpanish! Here are some lingots!

Edit: I deleted some of my comments to not clutter up this discussion :D

More votes please! this current 28.. doesn't seem enough to have the proper attention.

As a Kurd from Kurdistan I would love to learn at least the basics of Uzbek language and literature which are the successors of the extinct Chagatai language, knowing Uzbek could give us some answers and glimpses about the great poets of their ancient times such as Mir Alisher Navoiy and others...

btw you can also support our Kurdish language thread from this link:

Mir Alisher Navoiy is our treasure poet! It's nice to find out that you know about him. He is recognized so much in my country - Uzbekistan and his name can be seen almost everywhere.

Here is the photo of "Alisher Navai Metro Station" in Tashkent city (where I live) which was named after him:

You can see the blue ornaments on the walls which show the illustrations of his famous "Xamsa" saga:

I would take the Uzbek course

It would be great to see an Uzbek course on Duolingo. Communities of languages that are not added yet should support each other. Please check out the thread for Kurdish and share your support: Kurmanji Kurdish Cheers!

I would absolutely take an Uzbek course if Duolingo offered it.

Will definitely learn Uzbek if possible. I am looking forward to it! Greetings from a Kurdish Duolingo User

I'd like to visit Uzbekistan one day, and I'd think it'll be much better learning Uzbek than Russian

Thank you for your support :)

There is absolutely no need to insult any language. Leave politics out of linguistics.

My friend is from Uzbekistan and I would love to learn his language!

I'd love uzbek!!it's beautiful language :))

Some people have downvoted this post and the comments. Please, if you're not interested in learning Uzbek, be kind to leave this post without voting!

I would try listing o videos asking notes with how to prounce ik im late but i hope this helps TwT

I'm not native in Uzbek but I like to help you guys! Happy Christmas!

I dont want to be annoying but most Uzbeks are muslim so many of them dont celebrate Christmas, though they celebrate new year so you might want to adapt that to say happy new year.

Exactly! I have never seen or heard any single Uzbek person who celebrates Christmas until this time (and I'm pretty sure that I am not going to see almost any of them in the future). New Year is an official holiday in Uzbekistan which is celebrated on 1 January. Even this holiday is not celebrated by many people here, though.

I am not going to say anything bad to @AlirezaHsp as each culture and country is different but thank you Hurmatli Jakub aka for letting others know this. :)

Thanks, thought I should spread the word as not many people realise that Christmas isn't celebrated by everyone. Its good to learn about diffirent cultures and I thought I should help correct a misconception! Have a great New Year Saydobid and Alirezahsp!

Assalamualikum. i am a muslim but not from Uzbek. i would really like a course like this because i have heard of this language from a great deal of freinds and some family. i cannot support the creation but i really hope they do add this course

I would take this course for sure.

I would also like to see Uzbek on Duolingo.

How many comments or upvotes we will need to add Uzbek lang. ? Duolingo made it a tiring process :(

Apparently, a lot. You can still ask for the course by

I would do this, despite having enough languages already. I did my undergraduate thesis on Central Asia years ago and I always wanted to somehow fit in the Columbia Univ. course in Uzbek. Unfortunately, it never happened. (Also, my barbers are Uzbeks!)

OoOoooOh I love unconventional languages! (When I say that, I mean languages that the average person hasn’t heard of, let alone learned)

I would like to see this course come to Duolingo. I am commenting to show my support!

Thank you, it's appreciated

That certainly would be great-upvote

Yes, I believe all central Asian languages should be added to Duolingo.

I would love an Uzbek course. I hear that the pronunciation in Uzbek sounds a bit funny. I upvoted to make sure that it gets added to Duolingo.


Really hope this course happens!

Yes! Please support the discussion I created by the link above in my previous comment. Also, you can ask for the creation of Uzbek course in the incubator

[deactivated user]

    Hey, are you uzbek? (I'm the same person as WHeary, in case anybody finds my name similar to the one on top of the post)

    [deactivated user]

      Я на половину русский узбек ))

      Yes I am. Would be great of you if you supported the link I created. I've been asking Duo a lot about this course

      [deactivated user]

        Awesome, sure thing. I’ve never actually checked if there’s an answer to my question but, how exactly can someone become a mod? Really nice to see a fellow Uzbek on duo being a mod. ;)

        Thanks a lot! I'm an event host. You can ask for the course in the incubator and ask to be a mod too. Or you can become an event host in your city

        I'm also interested!

        [deactivated user]

          We need Uzbek language please Duolingo

          I want Uzbek course to be added! Posting to show my intent!

          Please add Uzbek course for English speakers. I am Tajik and I know some words in Uzbek but I want to learn more and using Duolingo.

          I would study Uzbek. I love the traditional music so much. It is so moving.

          They should add it onto the duolingo languages. That would make Duo's language selections even more diverse.

          Assalomu alaykum, hurmatli adminlar! Iltimos tilini qoʻshinglar. Mustaqil oʻrganuvchilar juda koʻp lekin koʻpchiligi til bilmaydi shuning uchun bu dasturda oʻrganish ular uchun qiyin

          As one of the kindest Turkics, Uzbek should be introduced to both starters of Turkic languages and scholars. I strongly suggest Duolingo to add it.

          I would love to learn Uzbek on Duolingo!

          That's really a great language on Duolingo!

          Yes! I don't know if you have learned already since that was 7 years ago but if you watch this: You will learn some words in Uzbek.

          I really doubt that Uzbek language course will appear on Duo any time soon. There two reasons for that: 1) I don't have access to the official statistics, but I believe there are very few native speakers of Uzbek here in Duolingo community. 2) Among those few, there are even less users who demonstrate enough enthusiasm or linguistic skill to create a course. I speak Uzbek with moderate fluency, not native-like though, so I don't think my mastery of it is sufficient to contribute to the course if there's ever going to be one.

          It looks like you don't use forums a lot. ;) There are enough of us - the native Uzbek speakers on Duolingo. Moreover, we are trying to increase interest. Especially, I started teaching people the Uzbek language by posting on the forums. Here's the latest lesson: Fun Uzbek {Lesson 5} - Men yashayman! - Countries & Cities (with Audios!)

          My compatriots, my relatives who teach English at the university and I are all willing to contribute. Duolingo Admins told that there are not going to add any courses to the Incubator this year. But, they can add Uzbek next year. We've filled the application so many times and we are ready to start contributing any time now.

          Thank you for your support, though. :)

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