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  5. "Ele ama construir coisas."

"Ele ama construir coisas."

Translation:He loves to build things.

January 22, 2014



'He loves building things' is wrong - seems to me that it means just the same.


Aha! Another verb governing the infinitive without a preposition. My list is now adorar, amar, conseguir, costumar, decidir, deixar, desejar, dever, esperar, poder, precisar, preferir, prometer, querer, ?saber? and tentar: the question marks surround 'saber' as it sometimes seems to need 'com' - but maybe some of the others behave in a similar way?


Isn't stuffs the same as things in English?


It should be just ‘stuff’. Whereas ‘thing’ is the generic count noun, ‘stuff’ is the generic mass noun. (You will find ‘stuffs’ as a noun in dictionaries, but only in the old-fashioned sense of ‘stuff’ as a kind of material. And of course, it's also a verb.)

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