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  5. "Bildet hang på veggen."

"Bildet hang veggen."

Translation:The picture hung on the wall.

May 14, 2016



Can anyone please explain the difference between hengte and hang?


'hang' is intransitive, meaning it can't have an object. "Den hang på veggen."
'hengte' is transitive, meaning it always take an object. "Jeg hengte bildet på veggen." ('bildet' is an object)

The similarity between these two verbs, and the fact that the past tense is the only tense distinguishing these two, and the fact that some dialect doesn't make this distinction in the past tense, and the fact that there are other verbs without this feature but with similar inflection, means that even some Norwegians tend to forget the difference :) Isn't that weird?

I must admit that the official grammar rules may not reflect common use, and it seems to me that 'hengte' is being replaced with 'hang', so if you ever need to use a word in a real life situation, just stick to 'hang'.

Edit: To who(m)ever downvoted this; may I ask why?

If it's in regard to the lack of sources, I've simply compared various phrases using 'hang' incorrectly to 'hengte' on a search engine.

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This is an excellent explanation and it completely answers the question I had when clicking through to the Discussion page.

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