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  5. "For halvtreds år siden."

"For halvtreds år siden."

Translation:Fifty years ago.

May 14, 2016



Could someone give or link a good explanation for those lovely Danish numerals (10,20,30 etc) because I've forgotten it a bit?


There is a very nice explanation for the Danish numerals 50-90 here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Nordiccountries/comments/wx9ud/psa_the_danish_numbers/

The numerals 10-40 follow the same number + ten (four ten = forty) system that you know from English, but the names are a bit compressed:

10 = ti

20 = tyve

30 = tredive

40 = fyrre


The rest follow a base 20 system, so halvtreds can be thought of as 3 x 20 - 10. Firs is 4 x 20, and halvfems is 5 x 20 - 10


Why is for there if it is not used?


"for ... siden" = ago

See the hints. Also, see section 8.2 "The most common Danish prepositions" in Danish: An Essential Grammar, 2nd edition, numbered page 150, by Tom Lundskaer-Nielsen, Philip Holmes. Page 150 is available in the google book preview.


Thank you that looks like it will be very useful

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