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"When does he read the newspaper?"

Translation:Anh ấy đọc tờ báo khi nào?

May 14, 2016



The instructions given here say that "khi nao" can be used at the beginning or end of the sentence. Why is is incorrect when doing the course work when I use it at the beginning of the sentence?


IMHO, it should be more at the front--it's usually at the end in past tense, and at the front in future/present. This is present, so...


Can "khi nào" be placed at the beginning of the sentence?


Cuốn tờ báo was not accepted. Is tờ a classifier for báo, so that cuốn becomes redundant?



Tờ = a piece. So tờ giấy = a piece of paper.
Tờ báo = a piece of newspaper.

You can't say a piece of magazine, so at this point cuốn comes into play. In a small restaurant you would have a tờ menu (just a piece of paper), but in a five-star restaurant you would have a cuốn menu (a whole book).

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