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  5. "It is a quarter past twelve."

"It is a quarter past twelve."

Translation:Mae hi'n chwarter wedi deuddeg.

May 14, 2016



"Mae hi'n hanner wedi saith" is wrong without the 'awr' after 'hanner', but "Mae hi'n chwarter wedi deuddeg" is ok. Can someone explain?


Genuine question; why is 'un deg dau' not acceptable? I'm guessing it's a grammatical reason.


No, it is just that the older counting system is usually used for time.


"Wedi ddeuddeg" but "i deuddeg" - can someone explain?


Other way round...

  • wedi deuddeg - no mutation after wedi
  • i ddeudeg - soft mutation after the prepositions am ar at, dros drwy dan, hyd heb o, i wrth gan

(Once you learn that little ditty there are only another thirty-odd causes of soft mutation left to learn...)

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