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"Mannen och kvinnan äter utanför restaurangen."

Translation:The man and the woman eat outside the restaurant.

May 14, 2016



I wrote "woman" but it corrected me as "lady" ? ha?


When what you put isn't among the accepted answers, the machine tries to match your input to what it thinks is the closest one. However it often fails miserably at that, like in this case.

So for instance if you just misspell the word 'restaurant', you may get shown a version of the sentence that has 'lady' instead of 'woman', which makes it pretty much impossible to understand what the real error was. It kind of sucks, but that's how it works. :(


I wrote "in front of" and that is not correct. Is there any difference in Swedish?


Yes, 'in front of' is framför.
utanför is more vague and only means 'outside', but 'in front of' is specifically "on the front side" of something.


Silly question: I was asked to translate this question from Swedish to English, and without thinking, I put "the man and woman" instead of "the man and the woman". I know I should have put "the" before "woman", but I still don't see a difference that changes the meaning of the sentence. Why is "the man and woman" still wrong?


because it refers to woman as kvinnan, which specifically means 'the woman'. Don't try to oversimplify things on Duo, you most likely won't get away with it unless the contributors were feeling especially nice that day.


It should be accepted and I've added it now. We want you to try to keep translations as close to the original as possible, but in cases like this, it's perfectly natural to skip the second the in English, but there's no way to do the same thing in Swedish since it's part of the word. So it should definitely be accepted.

However we haven't had time to add this version everywhere yet in similar cases. If you find it missing for other sentences, just report it via the Report a problem button. It's just that everything has to be added manually and there are lots and lots of sentences in the course so it takes a little bit of time.


What is the etymology of the word utan ?


This wording suggests to me that the people just happen to be outside a restaurant when eating food. Would Swedes also say this for al fresco dining as part of the restaurant service? Or would that be phrased differently?


As a native Swede I would use this phrase to refer to al fresco dining, yes, but only if you're eating in a sort of outdoor area attached to the restaurant you got the food from, not if you're just eating outside in general, even if you happen to be near a restaurant at the moment.


This has happened to me a handful of times, now: I keep writing the correct answer on "type what you hear" questions but the programme gets "stuck" and then I am told I answered incorrectly (even though my correct answer is still showing). I am on a brand new computer of a fast internet connection so I know it's not me. there is no way to report this issue in the options I am given.


Unfortunately, that is completely out of our control. I'm afraid the only advice I can offer is to post in the troubleshooting forums.


"Outside" was literally not even given to me as an option for selecting words lol I thought I was going crazy, but "outside" was not there lol


That's a new bug with the word bank which is very annoying. The only fixes I know of is to switch to keyboard input or reset the lesson.


I reply the same anwer but its not correct


If you wrote the exact same answer and were marked wrong, please use the error report option next time. That way, we can either see what's wrong or forward it to the developers.


Proper English is: "The man and the woman eat outside OF the restaurant."

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