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  5. "Ça faisait professionnel ?"

"Ça faisait professionnel ?"

Translation:Did that look professional?

January 26, 2013



If anyone could explain this translation, I would highly appreciate it.


As it is a question, the strict form of this sentence in French should be "cela faisait-il professionnel ?". But, particularly in speech, the French often use affirmative sentences and add a question mark at the end (raising their voice with the last syllable).

"Faire professionnel" means "to look professional" or "to seem..." or "to sound..." depending on the context, that we don't have here.

You can imagine a comment about someone wearing jeans instead of a suit, to go to the office, and someone else disapproving of it.


Thank you very much! I was not previously aware of this use of "faire." Though I shouldn't be surprised. It means everything! Thanks again!


In that case could you also say "faire drole or serieux etc. " to mean "to look funny, serious etc."? Merci.


Yes, absolutely!


is there a form for the present tense?


Conjugation of verb "faire" in indicative present:

je fais, tu fais, il/elle/on fait, nous faisons, vous faites, ils/elles font.


Sitesurf, In Brazil we use the present: " Isto parece profissional?/ Isto é profissional? I ask you: is it always past? - Il faisait, did it look? ( the guy at the office wearing jeans, is he there, in the moment of the comment?)


It is not always in past, you can use it in present if the guy is at the office right now: "ça fait professionnel ?"

"Cela faisait professionnel ?" is a comment about what the guy looked like or did some time in the past.


Is that why my reply, "Was that professional?" was counted wrong while a correct answer was "That was professional?" ...just because the French is stated in the positive? In English, it sounds much better as a question although I know that we, too, sometimes use a positive to ask a question.


Based on what's been said above, I think it's about whether it seems professional, rather than whether it necessarily is professional or not.

"Did it look professional?" was marked correct for me, and I expect "It looked professional?" would be too.


I had "Was that done professionally"? but it got rejected. If that was what I wanted to say what would that be in French?


I think you would need to use professionnellement.


Can it be 'Ça faisait professionnelle'?


No, because whatever happens "ça" is masculine.


This is great stuff....not in any textbook I'm aware of! Thanks again, Sitesurf.


can you also say 'etait professionel'?


With only verb être, you don't get the idea that his actions (attitude, behavior) evidenced his professionalism. Please read post nb2 on this thread.


I notice "faisait" is pronounced "fəzɛ" while "fait" (or "fais") is pronounced "fɛ" - ie the initial syllable becomes softer when there's two.


The same thing happens with some words in English too, when the root word has another syllable or more added to it.

For example parent is pronounced [ˈpeə.rənt], but the adjective parental is pronounced [pəˈrent(ə)l], with the first syllable being softer in the adjective than in the noun.


faisat? Which tense is that?


This tense l“imparfait is introduced in the Tips and Notes at the beginning of this series of exercises. It is good practice to access Duolingo on a PC before starting any section on the tree so you can get an introduction to the subject covered in those exercises. For this section, here are the notes you missed: Click this link then scroll down to read Tips and Notes


Ca ne marche pas. Ou je peux trouver Tips and Notes?Je ne les ai jamais vus.


Oh dear! You are right; the link doesn't work anymore.

Here's how to find the Tips and Notes when you are on the Duolingo Home page. If you hover your mouse over the section of the tree you are working on, (in this case I hovered over the section for Past Imperfect) you will see a pop up that looks like this and I have indicated where the tips are in that image.


Lovely pic, MDC... ;-)


How informal is this expression in French? Perhaps another English translation if it is very informal is "Did that come off as professional?"


It is informal in two ways: "ça" is an oral contraction of "cela" and the question is not asked in the standard way (positive with just a question mark at the end + voice raising in oral).

The more formal way of asking that question is : cela faisait-il professionnel ?


I put "That was done professionally?" and it was marked wrong. I was unaware of the expression "Faire professionnel" which apparently means "to look professional"


I assumed the same thing. It raises the question, how do you say "That was done professionally"? Maybe with «professionnellement»?


Yes: Cela/ça a/ç'a été fait professionnellement.

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