"The policemen will be looking for this driver."

Translation:Policjanci będą szukali tego kierowcy.

May 14, 2016

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What‘s the difference between using the infinitive and the past form here?


You mean "będą szukać" vs "będą szukali"? I think they're interchangeable. But the latter shows the gender, and that may be important in some contexts. Or it may be important to hide the gender, for some reason.


"Policjanci będą szukały tego kierowcy." accepted as having a typo, correct solution: "szukali". Did I mix masculine and feminine genders here?

  • Policjanci szukali (masculine personal or "virile")

  • Policjantki szukały (non-masculine-personal or "nonvirile")

  • Policjanty szukały (virile noun which is treated grammatically as nonvirile -> derogatory usage, not accepted here, of course)


Thank you alik1989! That's what I had suspected. That difference between endings "li" and "ły" is really difficult to remember.


Also, I cannot really tell apart sounds for "i" and "y". That surprises me a lot, because we have a similar pair in Russian, too.


Pronounced more or less "łymen", so that's actually a mnemonic technique, I guess :D

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