"Non sono cattivi."

Translation:They are not bad.

January 26, 2013

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Non sono cattivo, non sono cattivi, non sono cattiva. These are all grammatically correct.


They are, but SONO is for LORO.


Non sono cattivo was counted wrong, but the answer should be correct as well!


Yes all cases are correct.


I always thought cattivi was more like "naughty" as in kids... "I bambini non sono cattivi" -- The kids aren't naughty


Agree. Naughty really should be accepted (as an answer, that is!) 04Aug15


It is still not corrected, ridiculous :(


In English, "not bad" can actually mean "pretty good" in some context ("How's the apple?" "It's not bad!"). I'm guessing it's not the same in Italian, but does anyone know?

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Still not fixed...


come mai "non sono cativo" DL does not accept?


How will they write i am not bad?


Why not, I am not bad?
Still not fixed 6/20/16


non sono cattivo means I (male) am not bad. non sono cattivi means they are not bad. non sono cattiva means I (female) am not bad cattivo, cattiva and cattivi ar all three correct, but have different meanings


Why do people keep moaning about "I'm not bad" not being accepted? It would be "cattivo" if it were first person.


Oooh the meaning can change so drastically with one letter. Non sono cattivi. - They aren't bad. Non sono cattivo. - I'm not bad. :O


and two more letters:
non sono cattiva = I am not bad (female)
non sono cattive = they are not bad (all female)


cattivi is plural of cattivo ERGO> sono cattivi they are bad


Yes, but the problem is when we are given the fill-in-the-blank option and the subject is not expressed: "sono" is first person singular AND third person plural; that is why all three answers could be correct, depending on number and gender of the (implied) subject pronoun.


Which 3 answers? I didn't get the drop down box bit. Non sono cattivo and non sono cattivi I can see (though if it was a choice of three I was given I'd go with the plural) Or was non sono cattive an option? It really depends on a context we don't have if you don't have the English it's meant to be.


"non sono" peut aussi etre complété par "cattivo", ce n'est pas faux !


This might sound stupid having got this far but why isn't "I'm not bad" acceptable? Would it be "non sono Catto" or is there another word I haven't come across yet?


Possibly it's an idiomatic thing. I'm not bad in English is a phrase most usually used when someone is enquiring about your health or well-being. How are you doing? I'm not bad.

If someone wishes to assert that they are a moral person they would more likely say 'I am not a bad person' or 'I'm not wicked'

But in the case of this question it's because it uses 'cattivi' which is plural. Unless you got the drop down box.


Ahhhh sorry, thank you for clearing that up. It is indeed because it's plural. So if it was non sono cattivo that would relate to me. In English it doesn't have to be health, someone could ask how you are at playing football to which you could reply "I'm not bad".


My answer was Non sono cattivo (I am not bad). Why is the singular adjective wrong here?


Depends what the question was. Did you have a drop down box?


Why not ... I am not bad???????


Because that would be Non sono cattivo where this one is non sono cattivi which indicates that it's the plural form and thus 'they are not bad'


I wrote Non sono cattivo ... I am not bad ?????


Why? What was the form of the question that made you think this was a good answer? Was it a drop down box or a type in?


It was a drop down box.


Then it needs reported. And ideally someone to bring it to the attention of an Italian moderator, unfortunately I only know a French one. Ideally this one should have the drop down option removed.


Does it specifically mean bad as in evil,immoral,etc. Or is it the same as in English?


'Evil' is the base meaning.


"They are not nasty" was not accepeted. Reported.


This exercise is for one to learn the adjective "cattivi" and for one to look into the declensions.

• uomo: • Io non sono cattivo
• Non sono cattivo

• donna: • Io non sono cattiva
• Non sono cattiva

• sostantivi maschili • Loro non sono cattivi • Non sono cattivi

• sostantivi femminili • Loro non sono cattive • Non sono cattive

I translated "Non sono cattivi" to "They are not bad".

Perhaps when I get to translate from English to Italian, i.e. "They are not bad", I can choose write "Non sono cattivi" or "Non sono cattive"

:) KK
21 agosto 2020

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