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masc/feminine lesson in level one

DuoLingo needs to rewrite the masculine/feminine lesson in level one. It currently misses the point! Very repetitive, not useful, certainly doesn't focus on masc/fem at all.

June 10, 2012



I agree that duolingo is not a perfect system for learning a language, but it is a lot of fun! I started using a coursebook with workbook (Themen Neu 1) alongside it which has explanations of things like the cases and the masc/fem issue. What is more, I feel that the repetition is necessary for long term memory. It simulates childhood learning. I don't think that it is too repetitive. It may not be your style of learning though, in which case I'd switch to taking a course in a classroom with a teacher or an on-line course.


Totally agree. Almost all the name are masculine! From the description I was expecting like couples of names masc/fem.


I agree, the words for teachers are one example. Der Leherer=male teacher, and Die Lehrerin=female teacher,Both come from the verb to teach (or to learn -lernen)... learners/teachers, -if that makes sense and existed in the English language!)-but to simply explain- (to 'learn' somebody is to teach somebody, although the meaning has changed and that part has been lost in most of the English language, excusing ‘ Learned People’(those who are both knowledgeable and possess the ability to pass on knowledge itself to others, and reciprocate etc, but that story is for another day))^^! Forget about plurals for the moment in this example. This is simply a method that could have been overseen by the creators of the system. Still power to them! Although it should be fixed by the ''lehrerinnen'=teachers/instructors(including both genders), as it is extremely important in German to understand the subtle differences between both in order to avoid confusion.
I would also be very grateful if, between us all, together, we can create a space where this is possible for all of us in all languages to learn and grow together. I hope this helps you 'giovanni.m'


I wish German speaking people could all agree on cancel the gender of nouns... and French...and Spanish speaking people...

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