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"Artysta wyjaśnia, że rzadko kupuje drogie ubrania."

Translation:The artist is explaining that he rarely buys expensive clothes.

May 15, 2016



I wrote: 'The artist explains, that they rarely buy expensive clothes'

Could somebody please explain why this is incorrect? It seems to me that this should be an accepted answer.


I understand you meant "singular they"? Well, Duolingo has no way of knowing you meant that and not making a big grammatical mistake. I've actually already written you an answer about how you changed the grammatical number for no reason, before suddenly understanding that was probably not the case. So personally I think it's safer not to accept 'they' and just go with 'he' or 'she', whichever you will choose.


There were no words 'Artist' or 'The' to choose. Only 'He'. It is a bug in the system, pls fix.


In the puzzles? Then this would be one of the weirdest bugs I have seen here... anyway, that would be a programming bug, we can only deal with the linguistic side. And on the linguistic side, the main sentence starts with "The artist".


How about: "The artist is explaining that rarely he buys expensive clothes"?


"rarely he" sounds like really strong emphasis, for which I can't see any reason in a simple, neutral sentence.


"rarely" is an adverb that modifies the verb, not "he", regardless if it's in front of "he" or "buys". I don't understand how there's stronger emphasis.


Sorry, but you're wrong about this. It doesn't matter what the adverb modifies, 'rarely' is almost never placed in front of a pronoun, especially if it's after a conjunction. I suggest you read this:


The iweb corpus confirms that your suggested word order is 1100(!) times less common than our main translation.

I wonder why almost no one places 'rarely' between a conjunction and a pronoun in real life, but here everyone is suddenly strongly in favour of it... well, it's the Polish word order, isn't it? I think we solved the mystery.


I also wrote "rarely he buys expensive clothes." I don't see that the reversal of adverb and subject gives more emphasis. I have never heard that, gotten that feeling. Maybe that is how you have interpreted that form.


The American corpus, when checked for those constructions, gave 4443 results for "that [pronoun] rarely [verb]" and 4 results for "that rarely [pronoun] [verb]".


n the English language I have spoken for eigthy plus years, seldom and rarely mean the same and can be trasnsposed.

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