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Der Mann hat eine Spinne ... ja ja, das habe ich schon verstanden

Whenever I reach a German golden tree and try to use the "strengthen skills" option, which, I suppose, provides you with the weakest skills (randomly?) selected - I do get sentences from multiple lessons, but one thing remains: There is always that "Der Mann hat eine Spinne" sentence in any training. Sometimes it is joined by "Die meisten Spinnen haben acht Augen" or "Eine Spinne ist kein Insekt". But there is always a Spinne around. No escape from its webs :)

At least I won't forget how to say "spider" until the rest of my life.

May 15, 2016



Spiders here and spiders there

Spiders, spiders everywhere

I'm in shock my mouth agape

From these spiders no escape

That's a word I will retain

It's been burned into my brain

Lessons full of them today

Wishing they would go away

They've been placed inside my head

They'll be there until I'm dead

Late at night when counting sheep

Spiders will invade my sleep


Hahaha! Wonderful rap/poetry!


Haha, that's a good one!


I love it, thank you very much. Maybe it can help with my arachnophobia......1 Lingot


Lol I love it ! : )


Die böse Spinne lauert im Netz.

Die böse Spinne bricht das Gesetz.

Sie brachte eintausend Fliegen um.

Niemand weiß, warum.

I don't know why I felt it was necessary to write that weird poem... Anyway, I know what you mean, my review sessions always contained sentences involving spiders and mice (at least they did when I still actively used Duolingo), and it must've been a bug because those were never trouble-words for me. Either that, or this has to do with Duolingo's secret agenda!

P.S. Early congratulations on your 600 day streak!


And here's another one (by Nordwind)

Was hat denn wohl dazu geführt dass dieses Netz die Hauswand ziert Ernsthaft hat hier doch zuweilen jemand etwas mitzuteilen Staundend hielt vor Ort ich inne frag mich ferner wer hier spinne...


Kann ich bitte den ganzen Text haben? You could earn another lingot!


Das ist der ganze Text. Aber hier sind noch weitere Spinnen-Gedichte: http://www.gedichte-oase.de/verzeichnis/tiere/spinnen_153/


Danke, 1 Lingot


Thanks for the poem, it's always nice to get to know something new :)


Not sure why it is like that but I have found that the weirdest sentence sometimes come in useful. Like one of the first things I learnt on Duolingo, "Die Biene trinkt Bier", was a sentence I thought I would never use. Then I sat outdoors in Germany with a beer in front of me and a bee landed on glass and sort of going into glass. So I pointed out to person next to me that "Deutsche Bienen trinken Bier". That probably seemed weird that I don't speak much German but could say that.


When you reach level 25 and ( properly ) continue to practice, the spiders keep coming at you if you use the "strengthen skills" option. Since you have done the reverse tree, you might consider studying one of your other languages from German. For example, I started studying French from German a few months ago. Another thing I do to avoid the Spinnen is to select a lesson on my German tree at random. Nobody apparently told Little Miss Muffet that die meisten Spinnen sind harmlos.


Already doing it with Spanish for German speakers. It's like doing double translation each time - sometimes gets tricky )


The same happens to me in my spanish-tree. Only the word is different. In that tree it is: peligro, unforgettable now. So in my opinion Spain becomes more dangerous every time I strengthen skills.


It's actually an ancient curse - the servers are housed in the ruins of a castle in the Bavarian alps. The last occupant had an obsession with creating life. One day screams were heard from the house. Since then, the man could only say simple phrases about animals. They say that his soul was already dead then, eternally wandering the empty hallways. His body ... nobody knows. The guys maintaining the servers there don't go into the basement, which is unfortunate, since that's the only way to break the curse.

So yeah, doesn't look like it's going to be fixed any time soon.

And the duolingo bug report form deliberately omits an option for "report ancient curse", so that they don't have to confront the creeping darkness below.

What a mess!


There is a phrase in German with a funny literal translation having to do with spiders: Ich glaube ich spinne! I think I spider!


Of course, the verb "spinnen", in addition to "weaving" and "spinning" can also mean "to act crazy".


The German spiders haunt me, man.


I was also getting exercises with spiders every day. But one person commenting on one of the sentences said that he quit getting them after going back and reviewing Animals 1 and Animals 2. It has worked for me too. Apparently Duolingo is not keeping track when we strengthen our skills, so it thinks it needs refreshing.


Try strengthening Animals 1 and Animals 2. Then Duo won't think we need practice on spiders.

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