"Wojna i pokój"

Translation:War and peace

May 15, 2016

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War and room :-)


Frankly... this has to be considered a valid interpretation :D I guess it's possible for someone here to not be familiar with the classic...

Added a/the room, because I don't think "War and room" is grammatically correct itself ;)


Philologists say, that it is actually "War and world" with "world" meaning "the people". And it makes sense since the book tells us about how people's lives get affected by the war, and not so much about peace. In the times of Tolstoy these words had different spelling, but in modern Russian they're the same.


I don't know about philologists, but the word мир (mir) used to be 2 words, spelled differently under the pre-reform Russian alphabet.

Война и миръ (wojna i mir) is the original spelling of the title.

миръ (mir) meant only "peace," but there was also:

міръ (mir) - world, universe.

The two were pronounced the same, and "і" was dropped from the Russian alphabet. (It's still used in Ukrainian and Belarusian.)

So according to this, the title was War and Peace originally. But I'm sure Tolstoy still meant to play on the double-meaning since it was a homonym


Seems no longer to be the case; I just tried and was correct to the title of the well-known Russian opus. But no problem, it would take the point out of the sentence anyway, and perhaps one learner or another. ;-)


I wish I could speak Russia too :(


You know where to find the Russian course... :-)


правда! скоро буду!

I used a dictionary so I hope I did that right xD I just can't make capital letters :(


You may want to look through this post when you start: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/11449014


Nice, thanks. I recently had to add a Korean keyboard to my mac and I am still trying to get an Esperanto keyboard xD I want to start Korean in January

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