"Gdzie są ci mężczyźni?"

Translation:Where are these men?

May 15, 2016

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Oj gdzie ci mężczyźni, oj prawdziwi tacy? Oj gdzie te chłopy, gdzie ci fajni chłopacy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NKl0MTW-dtk


"... these men" is possible in English only if you can see them, in which case you know where they are!


English and Polish look differently at the matter of 'closeness'. Polish uses ci/ci/tamci (and other forms), while English uses these/those/those. So the middle forms don't really correspond well.

While we accept answers according to what I just wrote, the main answers are always the direct translations: ci = these and tamci = those. That's why some sentences don't look that natural in English. Sometimes we can't really be natural in both languages at the same time, so of course being natural in Polish is more important.

Having said that, couldn't it be 'these men that we were just talking about' or 'these men that you can see in the photo I'm holding'?


One could be pointing at a photo and saying this.

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