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40 Days Of Esperanto: I have finished my tree!


May has been an amazing month for me, as I have finished another tree! This time, the Esperanto tree! It was very enjoyable to learn such an easy language.

Esperanto Golden Owl

The Course:

The tree was quite short, but it actually teaches you a lot! There was nothing which was unhelpful, and everything was relevant. The contributors really did an amazing job on the tree.

One thing though, is that many skills are way too long towards the end! Hopefully with the release of tree 2.0 that will be sorted out:)

What's next?

After completing the tree, I will continue to keep it gold. This summer, I will be practicing Esperanto non - stop, and hopefully become proficient if not fluent? (Is that possible in three months?)


I would like to thank all the people who have helped me along the way! There a too many people to list here, but you know who you are!

Also, I would like to thank the contributors for their amazing work on the tree. Well done!

Thank you!

May 15, 2016



Dude! Congrats bro! I started yesterday and my skills in English and Spanish have really helped me learn quite a bit in just one day. Esperanto is also pretty easy to remember when it comes to the individual words. I hope that you can continue the progress that you've made. I also hope that DuoLingo will update the Esperanto course with speaking exercises, more exercises where we can press the blue speaker button to hear the phrase being spoken, the ability to hear the words when you click on them to place them in the sentences, and just a longer course period. Gxis la revido!


Thanks:) I hope you finish your tree soon!


So awesome!! Congrats! I will catch up with you soon, then we should practice together! :D


Gratulon! Mi esperas ke la lerno estos felicxa por vi.


Well done Alec!


You are welcome!


Note From Lapaki:
"Dear Alec, it is amazing how much you have accomplished in close to a year streak, you have always made me fond of you. You are a great learner of Duolingo, and I hope to follow in your footsteps someday in the future. May God Bless You, and say this prayers"

Sincerely, Lapaki


Wow! That is so deep! I've never received such a nice compliment. Thank you!


woah thats quite the message


That's what Duo said!


Congratulations! 40 days is pretty fast! With what method will you practice it non-stop?


Thanks:) I did a row of skills everyday, except near the end, so that's why I did it so fast:) I will learn all the grammar rules first, and then as much vocab as possible in three months, all while watching Esperanto TV and reading Esperanto books:)


Where do you find Esperanto TV??


Youtube, Esperanto organizations etc.


@ Trevor https://esperanto-tv.com/

@ Alec Gratulojn! Mi studis por tridek tagon, kay mi nur finis la duonon de la arbo.


Don't forget to visit the Universala Esperanto-Asocio site http://www.uea.org/. You can order books in Esperanto. Also check out Pasporta Servo if you like to use Esperanto when you travel. I have enjoyed using Esperanto every day since 1988... I just started duolingo Esperanto as a review.


How the hell did you finish your tree in that length of time? I'm no where near that much. Does that mean you have to keep it gold or just finish all the lessons?

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