"The countryside is a beautiful place."

Translation:Mae cefn gwlad yn lle hardd.

May 15, 2016

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  1. Why is it "cefn gwlad" (without an article) instead of "Y cefn gwlad" (THE countryside)? 2. Why is it "YN lle hardd"? Wouldn't this mean "IN a beautiful place"?

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It should be 'Y cefn gwlad' and with the verb 'Mae'r cefn gwlad' = the countryside is

The second part is acting as an adjective describing the subject (the countryside) as 'a beautiful place' so we need the link 'yn'


'in a place, in some place, in place' (non-specific) - mewn lle

  • Dw i'n moyn cael fy nghladdu mewn lle llonydd - I want to be buried in a quiet/peaceful place (mewn => in any quiet place)
  • Dw i'n moyn cael fy nghladdu yn y fynwent lan y rhiw - I want to be buried in the cemetery up the hill (yn => in a specific place)

  • yn eich lle chi... - in your place..., in your shoes..., in your stead...

  • mewn unrhyw wlad/dref/le - in any country/town/place
  • yng Nhgymru, yn yr Eidal, ym Mangor - in Wales, in Italy, in Bangor
  • diddordeb mewn darllen - an interest in reading (non-specific)
  • diddordeb yn llĂȘn Gymreig - an interest in Welsh literature (specific)
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