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Max Verstappen is de jongste F1 winnaar aller tijden!!!

It looks like that today is a historical day in motorsport. Congrats Max Verstappen who is only 18 years old and has a coolness of an old F1 wolf! In my 16th season of being a F1 fan I am surprised and frightened at once!


May 15, 2016



Damn, Daniel! My best friend who's Congolese/Djiboutian/British/French/Belgian is currently training for the F1 so I'm constantly on the lookout for these things. But to be 18 and have the F1 under your belt is pretty damn amazing.


I have been supporting Kimi all the years, so it's understandable that I am a bit pissed off by the results, but well... it just shows that there is an evolution in F1, and there are still reasons for me to watch it the following seasons as well as my fav will have left the sport.

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