"This is an important person."

Translation:To ważna osoba.

May 15, 2016

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Another correct answer given by the program is To jest wazna osoba. (sorry about the missing accent mark). My question: doesn't jest take instrumental case? If so wouldn't the answer have the instrumental fem. endings for wazna and osoba?


why i can't translate it as "ta osoba jest ważna"? thnx in advance


Bacause it means "This person is important".


i'd say there is no such difference in meaning here, but i get ur point, thnx!


Not in meaning, but the structural difference between "This is an [adjective] [noun]" and "This [noun] is [adjective]" is something that we always try to differentiate here.


as i said, i got the point, but thnx for additional elucidation


Is it usual to drop the "jest"? Wouldn't "to ważna osoba" actually be "this important person"?


On many occasion we drop „być” and it's variants because the ending of the verb already contains the same information - that is the gender. In case of 3rd person singular and 3 person plural we leave them on many occasion and drop them only when we can deduce this out of context.

Now to your question. „This important person” is in Polish: „Ta ważna osoba”. „To (jest) ważna osoba” correspond to English „This is an important person”. Here „jest” is not required. „x to y” type of sentences are better without it (it's a matter of style in Polish).


Ah yes of course, thank you so much! I remember now and it makes a lot of sense. I got confused because of the "x to y" type of sentences and didn't regard this as one.

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