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Conversations and Friend Discovery

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Hello everyone! I love this web, I think that is has so much to offer and it's a great way to learn a language. But I think I found a little problem, nonetheless.

I have recently realised Duolingo doesn't have any kind of chat or messages service to talk to other people, not even to your friends! Sure you could post something on their profile, but that's no way to maintain a conversation, am I right?

I know people in Duolingo are super busy taking care of the recently disappeared Vocabulary section, but let's make Duolingo hear us and so that will have a place to speak with each other, and more importantly make friends from all over the world while learning lots of languages.


4 years ago



I could be wrong, however I think I remember this being brought up before an a few of the Duo Staff have said that their goal is not to nessesarily create a 'social' site. This is still a learning site. People can leave their FB or email or something on someone's profile to engage in conversation further. Not that I agree or disagree with this, but I think that was the general response before.

4 years ago


IMO we don't need 'a place to speak with each other' and I hope Duo uses its resources to teach languages rather than develop a social networking site. Let's keep our discussions on Duo limited to language-related topics that we can share in public and find another place for private discussions.

4 years ago


I think they should have it where you can just click on the persons name and click on a thing that said's secret message. That way not everyone can see what you are saying to someone. Like if you want to give someone your email but don't want everyone to see it.

4 years ago