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  5. "Por favor no escribas así."

"Por favor no escribas así."

Translation:Please do not write like that.

January 26, 2013



Someone used Comic Sans....

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"Please do not write that way" was accepted.


How about using imperative here? Would it be correct?

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Both the English and Spanish as they are on this lesson are imperative. The "please" and "por favor" don't change that.


This site says that "escribas" is subjunctive; imperative for singular you is "escribe". So I was wondering if "Por favor no escribe así" is correct.

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The familiar imperative is the subjunctive only if negative. Positive: escribe, negative: no escribas. Positive: Hazlo!, negative: No lo hagas! I can remember the day I learned this. My teacher was Peruvian. I asked her "what's changing it?" and she had to think a long time. Finally she said "it's the no". Look in a dictionary under conjugation for any verb. There are two entries for familiar imperative, negative and positive.


It's worth noting that some of the popular online conjugation tables don't explicitly show the negative imperative (e.g. spanishdict.com) - although you can just look at the subjunctive.

Wiktionary (you have to expand the table) and WordReference.com do though.


Very simple and efficient explanation. Thanks a lot.


Wow! Thank you for the explanation, but I don't think I'll ever be able to keep this straight!

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Four-year-olds don't worry about any rules, and they do just fine - in multiple languages if they have to.


I wrote that translation and got it wrong because I was supposed to write "thus" instead of "that". What?? Who says thus anymore?


I got the same "correct" answer and reported it.


Lots of people say 'thus' from time to time.


Please do not write in such a way was rejected.


For the life of me, I do not understand this subjunctive/imperative tense, in neither language!!! Help!

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You have subjuctivitis ;-) Search for Besame Mucho on Youtube. Maybe you will have heard it before so that it won't be too hard to learn. That will give you two common cases: "kiss me" and "as if it were". The difference between formal and informal imperative is overblown. Natives will use the informal more often than they admit. So "No tengas miedo".


I'm afraid I do ;P I checked out the song. It does show the two cases you mentioned, and has a nostalgic feel to it, although I'm not that old. Thank you :)


I wrote Por favor no escribes asi and got rejected - grrrr! My own fault I know but sometimes DL is forgiving of a spelling/conjugation error if it's close and other times they are NOT!

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If you were transcribing, I'd guess it was the very error they were trying to highlight.


Great explaination on imperative and subjunctive gernt

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Thanks. (I feel funny posting something personal in a thread, but our personal walls vanished).


I believe that AS SUCH should be accepted. I purposely put that to see what would happen.


duo lingo wrote the translation " Please do not write thus"REALLY?

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Verily, said way of speaking shan't be used. At least not in the good old EEUU.


Not sure if it is the sound recording or me, I couldn't even relate it "Por favor" after hearing more than 10 times.


I translated to: 'please do not write that' and was told I was wrong and the answer should have been 'please do not write thus'. REALLY 'thus'?


i'Ll WriTE HOwEVeR i WaNt


Duolingo said the translation was "please do not write thus". Is this from shakespearean times?

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