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  5. "Mae fy marn i wedi newid."

"Mae fy marn i wedi newid."

Translation:My opinion has changed.

May 15, 2016



I'm really struggling with 'mae'. Can someone help me with a literal translation of this sentence - I can't see what mae is doing there.


mae is the main verb in this phrase. It simply means 'is'. In conjunction with the wedi it means 'has/have':

  • mae X wedi newid - X has changed
  • mae Xs wedi newid - Xs have changed

If you exchange wedi for yn you get:

  • mae X yn newid - X is changing
  • mae X yn goch - X is red

With no context:

  • mae e/hi... - he/she is...
  • dw i... - I am...
  • rwyt ti... - you are...


thank you so much. I think I've finally got it. Though I am loving Duolingo, I also need a conventional grammar book I think, is there a recommended text?


It depends what you are looking for. If you intend to keep going with Welsh beyond the limts of this basic course then you could get hold of a copy of 'Welsh Rules' by Heini Gruffudd - a standard and progressive book for Welsh learners which will take you step by step up to an intermediate/advanced level. There is a book of exercises to go with it. It has a good index, too. It covers some dialect variations, which is handy.

More basic is the BBC Welsh grammar guide, if it is still available.


Diolch yn fawr. Will do.

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