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  5. "O menino beija a menina."

"O menino beija a menina."

Translation:The boy kisses the girl.

January 22, 2014

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I could almost tell before hovering over beija that it meant kiss because in Italian kisses are baci. That's the great thing about learning multiple Romance languages: they help with learning the others (usually).


and French, bisous! :)


And in Spanish, "beso"


Do you realize that even in arabic it's "boussa" ? I don't know if it's real or fake cognate.


It's gotta be real. Spanish has a fair amount of stuff from Arabic.


agħtini bewsa - Maltese. Similar to Arabic sound.


Does this mean that the boy kisses the girl on the lips, or could this be similar to French, in that it's more of a greeting, like kind of sort of kissing on the cheeks upon meeting and leaving? (un bisou)


I don't know... when I first saw the sentence I thought about kissing on the lips...


Thanks. One reason I asked is because there is a (heterosexual) lady from Brazil who leaves me a message sometimes on my "stream" and she always writes "bjão" at the end of her message.


Well, I don't know if it is a questions of 'point of view', but I'm not used to that =) the same for close friends!


Huh, I get that all the time. Maybe they just like me more. ;p


Brazilians kiss and hug for greetings (kiss is for opposite sex.. I think Argentines kiss as greeting for both sexes, but not entirely sure). I often get a "beijo e abraço" or something similar when texting friends in Brazil and it's platonic (I know it's platonic since they are mostly my ex-wife's kids and grandkids). Don't assume anything more from that (unless more is said) as the culture is different. I usually get a big kiss (beijão) when I help someone or they're happy to see me.


Brazilians kiss and hug for greetings

How? Like the French are doing it?
Is there everyone hugging/kissing everyone or is it only for friends?

In Germany you only hug your friends. In formal situations you shake hands...


You shake hands also, but women can kiss women and men can kiss women on the cheek even if it is their first meeting.


In Portugal all the girls kiss and get kissed, and the boys shake hands with each other in a kind of half embrace (abraço) in that the free left hand often goes on the right elbow of the other.

Kiss on each cheek starting with the left (which will be your right getting kissed in return) but it is mostly a "cheek hug" with an air kiss (something no one bothered to tell me).

This is for greetings and goodbyes and can take forever if there are several people.

Saying beijos, beijinhos (little kisses), or the shortened version in writing of bjs is common at the end of communications (in person, on the phone, in writing). Men, at least who are friends say, abraço(s) to each other. Actual hugs are not common.

The Germans in Portugal get used to it. :)


Yep. My Brazilian friends hug and kiss all over me every time I see them. I love it.


men greeting: https://youtu.be/8kuXclfWDVY

some Brazilians explaining some greetings: https://youtu.be/66z_pQBfxa8


Aaaawwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! <3


Akin to the Spanish besos


it is common to greet a girl with kiss on the cheek


It's almost impossible to hear what is being said, particularly the 'a' after beija before menina. The slow version button has stopped working


Did you get the man's or the woman's voice?

I ask because I heard the man's voice for the very first time a couple days ago and the slow version did not work for me with his voice, and it is harder to hear each word he says (if indeed he says them all).


This is Portuguese to a t. The articles (to my English ears) are implied more often than they are heard.


Why "The boy is kissing the girl" is wrong?


O menino está beijar a menina


O menino está a beijar a menina (Portugal)

O menino está beijando a menina (Brazil)

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