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"I am flying to the United States tomorrow."

Translation:Lecę jutro do Stanów Zjednoczonych.

May 16, 2016



I still see no 'big' issue putting 'jutro' at the end of the sentence. It reads that way in English?


I believe both forms "lece jutro" and "jutro lece" should be correct, both are used and one marked as incorrect is used more often - just google "jutro jade do warszawy" and "jade jutro do warszawy".


both forms are accepted, you might have made a spelling mistake


It was quiz, so no chance for spelling mistakes.


Perhaps there was an incorrect word hidden somewhere else in the sentence. Try making a screenshot or reporting with a button.


I checked it like 10 times before posting, but maybe it was my mistake. I'm a native polish speaker yet I'm not sure if both forms should be accepted, they are both used but who knows, maybe of one them is not "pure" enough, hence this post instead of a report button.

//edit where exactly is this question? Travel? Can't find it :(


Verbs of motion


Word order: why does jutro have to go before the destination?


Doesn't "have to", but putting it after (and thus, in this sentence, at the end of the sentence) would create a different sentence.

This Polish sentence is about "where I am going tomorrow".

Your version would be about "when I am going to the US".

Which is technically a valid interpretation, but I wonder if it's worth accepting... if my interlocutor knew that I am going to the US, would I actually mention the country's name again?


I do not think so. Maybe in polish class a teacher would say something like that but for native speaker putting 'jutro' on the end of the sentence makes absolutely no difference. Actually, you can almost freely change its position in the sentence, still means the same thing.


when you say "Lecę do Stanów Zjednoczonych jutro" it means something like "I am flying to the United States. Tomorrow."

With proper intonation it is fine, otherwise it is confusing.


Agree to disagree. Like English, putting jutro after the verb chsnges the emphasis on when youvare flying. Both should be accepted.


Why was the USA option incorrect? USA and US are interchangable...


Both 'the US' and 'the USA' are accepted.


What is the difference between Lecę and Lecem?


„Lecem” is just incorrect. You may see it in place of „lecę” in lolspeak or in other poorly spelled texts.


Im sorry, you are right, actually i want ask whats the difference between Lecę and Latam? Thank you.


„Lecę” is one time and „latam” is habitual.


To tez jest poprawnie po polsku


Kiedy ktoś pisze komentarz, nie ma dołączonej żadnej informacji o tym, co odpowiedział. Nie wiemy, co to jest "to".

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