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  5. "You like cookies."

"You like cookies."

Translation:Lubicie ciasteczka.

May 16, 2016



Why is it both "lubicie ciasteczka" and "lubisz ciasteczka"


ty lubisz
wy lubicie

ty is you- one person
wy is you- 2+people


do you always and only use wy for more than one person? Or is it like the tu/vous rule in French?


I don't know French, but if you mean "polite form", then we don't really use it this way. It's more like du/ihr/Sie in German.


So I could go into my local Polish Shop and say 'masz ciasteczka, prosze' (sorry, no diacritic) without sounding over-familiar?


no. You only use "ty" whan talking with friends/family members etc.

the situation you described can have two or even three possible answers (because of the unique situation)

1) you talk with the shop assistant if he/she personally has cookies - (I would use it if there is only one person of staff) "czy ma pan ciasteczka" "czy ma pani ciasteczka?"

2) you talk with shop assistant, but treat them as one person of the stuff, and ask if they have cookies.

you can be mildly polite and use just plural you:

  • czy macie ciasteczka ?

you can be a bit more polite and add -państwo:
- czy macie państwo ciasteczka?
- czy mają państwo ciasteczka?

"wy" is a bit less informal then "ty". It is used in speeches, and when talking with one employee when they represent the company.

And if you are confused, maybe the best way is to ask "czy są ciasteczka? "


Why is "Lubisz ciastka" acceptable use in this instance?


Why wouldn't it be? It's the most direct translation, if you are talking to one person.

Oh, unless you mean 'ciastka'? Well, as I probably wrote already under every sentence about 'cookies', I don't understand why 'ciasteczka' was introduced as a translation, it's a diminutive form. 'ciastka' is a more common word.


Lubicie is not included in the word bank


Almost every sentence about "you" will have at least two equally correct answers, one for singular 'you' and one for plural 'you'.

If plural "lubicie" wasn't there, singular "lubisz" must have been.


Why is Lubisz ciasteczka acceptable but Ty lubisz ciasteczka not? Could someone explain the difference?


There's nonen except for the fact that in the second sentence you're stressing that HE/SHE likes the cookies. So it's probably a bug :/


None* sorry, this keyboard is killing me


It's actually "You" (singular), not "He/She" ;) Anyway, both Zack's answers should have worked.


Why is it SO imortant to learn how to say COOKIES (in diminutive form on top of that...) in my native language I use that word maybe once a month.............


Each time it says "lubicie" I can't hear the pronunciation. Can this be fixed please?


I'm not sure what you mean. While of course plural "Lubicie ciasteczka" is also correct and accepted, the sentence has been put in the database as singular "Lubisz ciasteczka", so the audio only exists for that version. So I don't know at what moment here you'd have an occasion to hear (or not) the audio for "lubicie".

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