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Going strong

Hey peeps:) I've been on Doulingo for about 21 days now and I'm honestly just so proud of myself for keeping a streak that long. And yes I have seen streaks that last hundreds of days but I'm super happy I am willing to practice my French every day.

I began learning French nearly 4 years ago in school but I did not start becoming serious until last year. It was vital that I learned this language as it was a part of my school curriculum and is my country's second official language. (Yup you guessed it I'm Canadian) I considered purchasing Rosetta Stone when a colleague told me about Duolingo not too long ago.

I hope to complete my tree soon and maybe one day become fluent in this beautiful language. Good luck with all your trees:) Keep on practicing until you reach your goal!

May 16, 2016



Congratulations on your streak...! All I can say is that you're doing much better than I am. I have been on here for two years, but I left for a one year hiatus and came back realizing that I was only at level 5 in French. I think you will be completely successful in finishing your tree, I have no doubts about that...!


Thanks! But trust me I've had some times when I was lazy and didn't want to do my daily XP and used one steak freeze. Just remember: Every time you feel like quitting, remind yourself the reason why you started. Whenever I do that it always gets me back on track. Good luck with your tree. Practice hard and NEVER give up!


Congratulations on the streak!! I'm glad you enjoy duolingo, it is a great way to learn a language!


Thanks! Good luck with your trees:)


Congratulations! You are very clever! :)


Thank you:) All you guys are just so kind

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