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  5. "Take two."

"Take two."

Translation:Weźcie dwie.

May 16, 2016



Why not bierzcie dwa?


No reason, just no one thought about it. Maybe it sounds a bit less... polite? sophisticated? Anyway, it was reported by one of the moderators and should be accepted soon.


'weżcie dwa' am I right in thinking this is 3rd person plural of this sentence? What would 3rd person singular be . . . . weżesz dwa?? Or have I miss understand and this is a command structure?


Yes, this is imperative, a 'command structure'.

"Weźcie" (it's Ź and not Ż, an 'accent' and not a dot) is 2nd person plural. "Weź" would be 2nd person singular.

Imperative for 3rd person is constructed differently and I don't think it's taught in this course, although frankly, it's a lot simpler. You use the word "Niech" and then use a form for 3rd person.

So you'd have "On weźmie" (He will take) and "Oni wezmą" (They will take), and then "Niech on weźmie" (Let him take - this would be the imperative?) and "Niech oni wezmą" (Let them take).

(It's "WILL take" because it's perfective, and perfective verbs do not have present tense.)

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