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  5. "She is fourteen years old."

"She is fourteen years old."

Translation:Ona ma czternaście lat.

May 16, 2016



Do you really have to spell out the subject?


No, it's not necessary, especially if you just mentioned who this 'she' is in a previous sentence or if it doesn't matter much to mention her gender.


I had thought that "lat" meant years but then I wondered why is was not gen plural following a number and it turns out that it is indeed the gen plural of lato the word for summer! So we are asking how many summers do you have..very cool. Please correct me if this is garbage.


Well, technically the singular word "rok" (a year) has this very irregular plural "lata". This is called "suppletion" in English (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suppletion).

However, I don't see any harm in understanding it as "how many summers" ;)

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